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Unprecedented ICT tool to enhance telephony and information sharing in all working environmentsUnprecedented ICT tool to enhance telephony and information sharing in all working environments



Customer service more deeply and carefully.



A completely new ICT system focusing on inquiry handling, customer management, and collaboration functions that are required to improve the work efficiency of small businesses to Iarge enterprises.

An interactive pop-up that instantly displays customer information of the current incoming call. Supporting the best correspondence with 1-click search function of unregistered numbers.

A 1-click web search function of unregistered phone numbers. Allowing you to instantly confirm company information, respond correspondingly and so improve customer satisfaction which contributes to more sales.

Reduce note taking time and focus more on the conversation with the use of customizable multiple-choice questionnaire templates to process each call’s information.

The location information of the clients can easily be confirmed on their profile, to further plan routes for collection and delivery, or other activities such as visits.

Organize and display all the required information about your customers, like previous sales and call contents. Which helps out with future reference.

With the use of statuses you can let clients know when it would be appropriate to contact you. This includes offline mode in which pop-ups still work, and the ability to be notified when someones status changes.

This makes it possible to listen back to all the previous calls, may it be for confirmation or education of new staff. There is also an integrated AI
that turns the voice recording into a text dialogue so it can be quickly read through instead of listening.

Missed incoming calls will also be displayed in the call list, in case you are out of the office or a client calls outside of the business hours. Allowing you to trace important calls, and enquire information to improve customer satisfaction.

Information such as tasks that you scheduled can be popped-up and read out automatically at the scheduled time. It improve colaboration and productivity.

Set various original labels and avatars in the client’s profile. To rank divisions, handling priority and also visualize the client’s face, to help with recognition.

Authentic business chat system. That is designed to make the best use for inhouse reporting. Just like the incoming calls and the reminder function, this also supports pop-up notifications.

This function allows one to send SMS’s from a PC. The collaboration between CTI and SMS enables you to send a message to any phone number which does not have access to a CTI client or even the internet.

Next-generation ICT service "Sherpa CTI" function lists.








Customer's voice

Benefits of SherpaCTI installation.


The recording function offering recording, search and playback, and archival facilities.
Since the customer information is shared internally, a newcomer can also correspond smoothly as a veteran with the client.
As we can confirm previous purchase history, we can make suggestions according to customer preferences and requests.
It is possible to handle customer complaints gracefully and effectively and respond optimally by sharing their complaints internally.
Web search function for unregistered calls allow you instantly confirm customre information and respond correspondingly.

Staff's voice

We have been receiving a voice of joy from the client using this service.

20's newcomer female staff 
My fear for phone losts. 

I was in charge of receiving calls at the company. I'm was not familiar with the phone, and made a lot of mistake in the customer's name. I gradually feel that I'm not good at taking calls. Since, Company intoduced SherpaCTI, It made me easy to communicate with customer. It displays the customer information before the phone rings and making it possible to answer the phone with piece of mind!

20s newcomer male staff
Customer said that the response is good. 

When a customer enquires, It takes long time to confirm customer name and their phonenumber. But if you use this system, customer phonenumber, purchase history, and past inquiries will be automatically displayed in the screen when phone rings, allowing you to respond correspondingly and so improve customer satisfaction which contributes to more sales.

20's newcomer female staff 
My favourite is call recording function. 

CTI not only records call time, but also records call duration. It is very interesting to be able to see how much you were talking with the customer. In addition, it displays all the unresponded phonecalls during the off-days, with which you can call back customer with this informations.

20's newcomer female staff
1-click Information sharing function

I had no choice but to make a direct call or put a message on a desk to share msg to seniors. I was looking for a service that can easily share the contents of the inquiry because there are also many omissions and time loss of work. When I was introduced SHERPA CTI, its multiple features made my work fast and day easy.

Sherpa CTI Using scene

It can be used in various scenes regardless of any industry or genre.

Companies receive a high volume of calls every day and hence requires many agents to handle them effectively. 

You can quickly respond to inquiries from real estate owners,tenants, car owners, damages and complaints, leading to customer satisfaction.

Important consultation contents and conversations can be rehearsed with the recording and playback function, preventing miscommunication.

You can confirm registration and reservation informtation of patient, linking with electronic medical records or diagnostic history records.

CTI for your call center is less costly and more flexible and scalable shortening the average length of the call and memo taking time.

Use of past data and the reservation system leads to customer satisfaction and an improvement in customer retention.

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